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Dr Muhammad Gul

F.R.C.Psych, M.R.C.Psych, C.C.T- C&A Psych,
M.Sc., M: A.MEd, F.H.E.A
Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Professional qualifications, accreditations and experience

F.R.C.Psych, M.R.C.Psych, C.C.T- C&A Psych,
M.Sc., M: A.MEd, F.H.E.A
Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Dr Muhammad Gul is a Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist working for Midlands Partnership Foundation NHS Trust since 2012. He completed his General Psychiatry Training from St-Marys General Psychiatry Training Scheme London.  He then went for higher training in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry in the same training scheme, linked with Imperial College London. During his training he obtained Postgraduate Certificate in University Learning & Teaching from Imperial College London.  He also has a Master in Research in Psychiatry, awarded by University College London.  He is an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at Keele University and teaches medical students. He is also Fellow of Higher Education Academy England and hold Masters in Medical Education from Keele University England.

He is also Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (F.R.C.Psych). Dr Gul is Chair Elect for West Midlands Division of Royal College of Psychiatrists. He was member of the Executive Committee of Faculty of Neuropsychiatry and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry in Royal College of Psychiatrists London. He had been Regional Representative of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, for the West-Midland Division of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Dr Muhammad Gul is also an Associate Medical Director and Director of Medical Education for Midlands Partnership Foundation NHS Trust. The Trust receives more than 800 medical students and more than 55 doctors in training each year. The Trust also receives students from three states of the United States of America and has academic collaboration with other institutes in different countries.  

His area of clinical interests are neurodevelopmental disorders, trauma and school based mental health interventions. Dr Gul is ADI-R trained (Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised) by Cambridge University, and able to complete a clinical diagnostic instrument for assessing autism in children and adolescents. He also has extended experience of assessment & management of young people with ADHD, ASD and other Pervasive Development Disorder.

He has an interest in service development and has taken a lead on many local and regional initiatives. He has been working closely with International Organisation, providing training, working on collaborative projects and service developments.

Dr. Gul has been active in research and has been author of many research articles. He is an International Speaker and has delivered his presentation in many parts of the World.

Languages spoken:

Urdu , Hindi, Pushto, Punjabi

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