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Lauren Collins

Speech and Language Therapist

HCPC Registered

BSc (Hons)


Professional qualifications, accreditations and memberships


Member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

HCPC Registered

BSc (Hons)


My professional experience

I graduated from Manchester University in 2001 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Speech and Language Therapy. I started my career working in paediatric community clinics and schools for children with significant learning difficulties. After travelling for a year, I moved to working full time in a busy community clinic where I focused on assessments and interventions for pre-school children with a wide range of needs from mild-severe speech and language difficulties.


Over many years, I was able to work with and support hundreds of children and their families through Parent-child Interaction Therapy; language group therapy and 1:1 sessions. I then moved to specialise in working with pre-school children with the most significant speech and language difficulties in a pre-school language unit. Within this post, I was also the specialist Speech and Language Therapist in the borough for children with Down syndrome. I also focused on working with children with significant speech sound difficulties and supported other team members working with children with these difficulties in different clinics within the borough and in mainstream schools.


After having 2 children close in age, I altered my career path to become an Independent Speech and Language Therapist. This has allowed me to continue to my professional development as well as my love of supporting children and families with a wide range of speech, language and communication needs. This has included supporting babies and children with Down syndrome; children with mild-severe speech and language difficulties including children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech; children who stammer and autistic children. I very much follow a neurodivergent affirming practice.


Personal Approach

I feel passionately about supporting children and their families to communicate in the most functional and successful way that they can. I know that all children and their families are unique and benefit from an individualised treatment programme. I care deeply about the children and families I work with and strive to ensure that our sessions are targeted to the child’s needs in a fun and motivating manner to achieve the best results we can. I believe that parents are the experts on their children and that working together as a team and carrying over advice and strategies at home, creates the most successful outcomes. I think it’s always important to discuss the rationale and the evidence base behind everything we do and am always happy to listen to parents’ views and ideas. I work in a range of manners including group and individual speech and language therapy sessions; Parent/Adult-Child Interaction Therapy as well as online zoom sessions.



I can help with:

2-5 years old age group:
Working with parents supporting communication with your child, including working with parents of non verbal patients with autism and other conditions.

4+ age group:
Working with parents and the child/young person, to support speech sound difficulty, pronunciation issues, stammering, stuttering, speech production or other articulation or language difficulties.


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